Tuesday, 10 July 2012

sex on a bus

that day i was soooo horny i decided to go out without wearing my panties and bra. i wore a white thin trouser and a deep neck and sleevless short kurti. i took a shawl around me n my bag. and left house. i purposefully kept the zip of my trousers open. so tat people at a certain angle could hv a look at my nicely shaven pussy. i got into a crowded bus and went and stood near the men’s area. there were 2 men sitting on the seat next to which i was standing. at 1st they cudnt believe there eyes n thot my zip was open bymistake, i cud see 1 man trying to tell me, but he soon saw my pussy n no underware n gave a smile, i smiled back as if i dont noe y he is smiling. then with a bump i droped my shawl n bent down to pick up. they had a full view of my boobs. men seating behind them were also involved now. suddenly a lot of men got into da bus at next stop . 1 man stood very close, i did not protest, he got encouraged. with every bump my boobs jumped with the bra. the man bend down to take out money frm his bag n saw my zip open. his eyes n smile widend. he came more close and stood almost hugging me. he took his 1 hand down from da pole and stuck it straight into my pussy. i jerked no 1 noticed as the bus was a bumpy ride. he slowly started stroking my wet pussy and da men sitiing enjoy the seen bt at same tym feel jealous. he pressed his palm against my hard clit and teased my opening with his middle finger. he kept teaseing i badly wanted him to push his finger deep inside me but he did not. i started to sweat and the shawl was a big problem. after 10 mins he said in my ears ‘agar tere jaisi randi roz bus me mile to car ki kya jarorat’ n left as his stop came. it was da best pussy masage of life. after him i was more horny and could not control. i droped one side of the shawl and held it like a curtain wid my hand and pole and covered my front.and started fingering my pussy, the man sitting in front held my hand and stoped me and started licking my pussy, with the curtain he got more courage. the guy next to him started clicking pic in his mobile. at one signal our bus stopped for long and one bus can next to us . the people in tat bus were shocked to see the scene and started taking pic in their mobile. i loved the fact that so many people could watch n no harm was happen.soon our bus started and i winked at those people in other bus. after sometime i got a place to sit on the last seat. purposrfully i sat between two men and proprly hidden behind the seat in front. the men gave me a smile and without wasting any time 1 was pressing my boobs and other my pussy. i started to moan little but the traffic noise was loud. the men standing were having a good sight. now there was to much crowd in the back and the conductor beacame suspicious but did not bother to interfer as no 1 was complaining. i lifted my shirt and pulled my pants a little down fr better fuck. everytime a bus or truck went by they had a surprise. the men kept changing as their stops came n they got down giving me a compliment. after about 20 mins my stop came n i had to leave, i winked and smile at all as they didnt leave chance to press me in some place or the other when i get down of the bus pushing through the crowd happily. they kept saying things like ‘kal bhi ana meri jaan’, ‘tum to bohot majedar ho, kal meri bike pe baithogi?’.
i was thrilled at this and got down with a big broad smile and egar to tell my frnd about my dream come true of public fucking.

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